And the most educated city in America is...Bethesda, MD?

Source: ValuePenguin

Source: ValuePenguin

Bethesda, Maryland?   According to a recent article by  Value Penguin, Bethesda is the most educated city in America.  

Of course, as a consumer of everydata, we wanted to dig a little deeper into what the methodology was for these rankings.   According to Value Penguin, they focused on "the 25-and-older population of 3,000 cities in this country, rewarding those with the highest percentage of post-high school degrees earned."   Based on a government survey, they then ranked cities based on two dimensions--attended college and earned an advanced degree.  In the methodology section, we think the description is a typo (they state that they combined no high school degree, high school degree, and college degree into attended college) but putting that to the side, a few observations:

(1) I wondered how the relative weightings were done to reach the composite score. it appears earning a college degree and an advanced degree are two metrics given equal weight (though that is not quite apparent).  Are all advanced degrees created equally?   It appears an associates degree is treated exactly the same as an MBA or a PhD?  How does the bucketing effect the ultimate rankings

(2) Does the ultimate ranking metrics (which is based on the "score" derived from the underlying methodology) really do a good job of creating an ordinal ranking among these cities?   It could be this list is very useful as an indicator of highly educated locations, but perhaps drawing finer distinctions as to whether Palo Alto or Bethesda or Newton are really the most educated city is less useful.

(3) Finally, what do we make of this outcome?   Does this suggest if one wants to be more highly educated, we should all move to Bethesda, MD?   I don't think so.  It would be interesting to correlate these education statistics with relative income.  It is not surprising to think that many of the cities on this list are among the most affluent and are located near major universities.