Data Blog of the Week: Dear Data

One of the fun parts of writing a data oriented blog is all of the other interesting data bloggers I have stumbled across as I prepare our own content.   Since no single blog could ever have a monopoly on all the great data insights, I thought it would be a nice addition to feature a data blog of the week for our readers.   We start off with a great blog worth checking out: Dear Data. (@_deardata)

Dear Data is a blog that highlights weekly post cards which contain hand drawn data visualizations capturing data between two bloggers--Stefanie in Europe and Giorgia in the United States.   As the blog explains:

"Each week we collect and measure a particular type of data about our lives, use this data to make a drawing on a postcard-sized sheet of paper, and then drop the postcard in an English “postbox” (Stefanie) or an American “mailbox” (Giorgia)!

Eventually, the postcard arrives at the other person’s address with all the scuff marks of its journey over the ocean: a type of “slow data” transmission.

By creating and sending the data visualizations using analogue instead of digital means, we are really just doing what artists have done for ages, which is sketch and try to capture the essence of the life happening around them. However, as we are sketching life in the modern digital age, life also includes everything that is counted, computed, and measured."

Some press coverage of the Dear Data blog can be found in the Washington Post and featured on the Brain Pickings blog (@brainpicker)