Baby Daddy Bump

A new study has found that guys pack on the pounds when they're about to become dads.

Specifically, the authors claim that the way a young man's BMI changes over time "is contingent on fatherhood status and whether they become nonresident or resident fathers." according to the full study in the American Journal of Men's Health

While this may explain my dad bod, it does bring up some other questions about what causes the weight gain. Because, as we all know, correlation does not equal causation. 

So why are dads gaining weight? As a smart consumer of data, you should be asking questions, such as:

  • Is the weight gain due to a physical, hormonal change?
  • Are dads simply eating more in order to be sympathetic to their partners' weight gain?
  • Are there omitted variables? Perhaps first-time dads spend so much time shopping for baby gear, they don't have time to eat anything except for fast food on the way from Babies R Us to the mall.

Sounds like it's time to do some more statistical analysis - right after we go run a few miles.