When 5% is twice as much as 4%

Image: Pixabay

Image: Pixabay

How much of a difference does the alcohol percentage in your beer make? 

Quite a bit, according to the folks at Draft Magazine.

As Draft explained (and we're paraphrasing and oversimplifying here), the human body can process a certain amount of alcohol per hour. Anything above that plays a key roll in getting you buzzed (or drunk). So, as Draft says:   

"A 12-ounce beer of 4% strength contains about 1.4 alcohol units. Let’s say you’re drinking only one beer per hour... your body processes 1.0 units and leaves 0.4 to begin laying down that gentle buzz." So, after three beers in three hours (.4 + .4 + .4) "you’re at 1.2 units excess."

But a 12-ounce beer that's 5% strength "has about 1.8 units." So, after three of those beers in three hours (.8 + .8 + .8) "you’re at 2.4—that’s double the excess alcohol."

As Draft notes, "If we're going to make better decisions, we need better information." We couldn't agree more.


(h/t to Lifehacker for the writeup on the Draft article)